Jessica Grace Photography

Hi there, my name is Jesse. I am a coffee lover, camping enthusiast and professional photographer living in Surrey.

Now that we have the formalities out of the way, I can tell you a little about myself. Knowing me, I'm probably sitting right now with a flat white coffee in my favourite mug looking out at my garden, watching the birds.  As I said before I adore camping in my camper van and I have recently discovered that I love being outside gardening. Wildflower gardens are my new favourite thing. I love to be by the sea and I feel as though the roaring waves ignite my soul somehow.

My favourite pastime is to collect sea glass that you can find nestled between the shiny stones.  I love to travel and have been lucky enough to have travelled around the world more than once and each time I have found there are still more places to explore.  If you visited my house you would find tons of glass bottles filled to the brim with these shiny treats and trinkets spaced out on my shelves from my travels.

My Granddad gave me my first camera. I still have it and use it today. It is a Pentax P30 [one that takes a roll of film and one that you have to roll on manually when you take a photograph]. After he taught me how to frame a photograph without cutting off peoples heads in the images I spent hours developing film in the dark room. Amazed at how the pictures I had taken appeared as if by magic as you rocked them in the developing baths.

Having trained at University in documentary film production and I have found that my style of photography is just an extension of this. I love to photograph natural moments as well as people and things in their many unique environments. I offer wedding photography in the Surrey area and the South East England, but as I have said before I love to travel and destination weddings are defiantly something I LOVE to do. So whether you are a same-sex couple or heterosexual, having an extravagant wedding or a relaxed family get together; I love to capture the people. Love is love and capturing this frozen in a frame is just an extension of what I am passionate about. 

Life is full of photographs.

Lets go on an adventure to find them.